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About Odisha

About the Odisha
Odisha is well known in India for its Tribal communities. They are found in almost all the districts of Orissa. The believe in supernatural power. The tribal Population of the State constitutes 22.43 percent of the total population of the state 776 percent of the total tribe population of the country. They are mainly found in the district of Koraput, Malkangiri, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar and Sundergarh.

Among them the most primitive tribes are colorful Bonda tribes, Dungri Kondh, and Godaba tribes, who still live in high hills. Other tribes are kutia, paraja, rana malli and dhurva who live in remote villages. Most tribal village is unauthentic in composition and smaller in size. The subsistence economy is based mainly on collecting hunting and fishing. Some of the tribes also do cultivation where ever scope is available. (Barter System Still prevails among them). The live in tiny temporary huts made out of the materials which are found in forest.

They live in isolated small bands or groups. The tribe which lives in Malkangiri district has been facing crises for lack of posture, because the main occupation is cattle-breeding. Some of the tribes like, Mohali and practice crafts like basket making black smithy and the bloharas manufacture iron and wooden tools. In southern Orissa the tribes such as bonda , Koya, Saora and Kondha Practice shifting cultivation besides this terrace forming.


Jagannath Temple
The most important sanctuary of Jagannath is the Gundicha temple, the abode to which Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are driven each of his or her wooden cars once in a year, during the Car Festival. Except for these few days it is unoccupied, but there is a small establishment of servants by whom it is regularly maintained.

It is situated at the other end of the great highway (Badadanda). The distance between the gates of Jagannath temple and the Gundicha temple, is exactly 2,688.0696 meters (8327 feet). The temple is surrounded by a wall and stands in the middle of garden. It consists of four pars connected with kitchen rooms by a narrow passage. The tower, a construction of Pidha type, is 75 feet high with a base of 55 feet by 46 feet outside, and 36 feet 8inches by 27 feet inside.

All the four structures (Vimana, Jagamohan, Natamandap, and Bhogamandap) bear the traces of several plastering and are carved in places with obscene figures in mortar. There is a plain raised seat, 4 feet high and 19 feet long, made of chlorite, and this is called the Ratnavedi- the throne on which the images are placed when brought to the temple.


Sun Temple Konark
Renowned for its magnificent sun temple, which was constructed by Narasinha Deva of Ganga dynasty of Orissa in mid 13th century, Konark is also a lovely beach resort. It is easily approachable from BhubanesHwar-64 kms & Puri-32 kms by coaches and tourist cars. Regular bus services including conducted sigthtseeing tours are available for Konark from BhubanesHwar and Puri.

In Konark, the "Natya Mandir", the dance hall of the Sun Temple probably remains as the last remnant of the glorious temples of Orissa an extant example of the architectural excellence of the times. Built in the 13th Century, here a collossal image of the chariot of the Sun, drawn by seven horses and 24 wheels symbolises the divisions of time. The main tower of Konark stood as high as 227 feet, superceding both Lingaraja and Jagannath Temples. The Jagmohana (Porch) structure and the tower are both situated atop the stone platform supporting the 24 wheels.


Chilka Lake
Chilika Lake, spreading over an area of 1100 sq. kms is the largest brackish water lake in the country and attracts large number of migratory birds besides resident ones. Barkul and Rambha are two places on the lake which serve as the base. Though the lake can be visited throughout the year, October to March is the best season.


Nandan Kanan A short distance from the capital city, Bhubeneshwar, the Nandankanan zoo lies in the splendid environs of the CHANDAKA forest , along the ripling water of the KANJIA LAKE. It also contains a botanical garden and part of it is has been declared a santuary.Endangered species such as the Asiatic lion , three Indian crocodilians etc.

Sangal liontailed macaque,Nilgiri langur, Indian pangolin, mouse deer and countless birds, reptiles and fish have been breeding successfully at Nandankanan some of the other attractions of nandankanan are the 34aquaria which are home to a large veriety of fresh water fishes .

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