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Sikkim is situated in the eastern Himalayas and spread below the world third highest mountain Kanchenzonga. Sikkim is separated by the singalila ranga from Nepal in the West Chola ranga from the Tibet in the northeast and Bhutan in the southeast. Ranjit and Rangpo rivers from the borders with the Indian state of west Bengal in the south. It extends approximately 114 kms from north to south and 64kms from east to west.

ISurrounded by vast stretches of Tibetian plateau in the north chumbi valley of Tobet and the Kingdom of Bhutan in the east, Darjeeling district of west Bengal in the south and the kingdom in Nepal in the west. Most of the period in a year the climate is cold and humid as rainfall occurs in each month. Large cardamom production is very high in the state.

Sikkim was inhabited in pre-historic times by 3tribes-Naong, Chang and the Mon. Some believe the Lepcha tribes there came from somewhere the borders of Burma and Tibet. Their culture tracts such as dress and family norms show close affinity with the khasi of Meghalaya and linguistically they have a lot in common with the Tangkul Nga of Northern Manipur.

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